Grammo, according to its statute, has been empowered by Producers, among others, to:

  • Prepare contracts with users for the terms of exploitation of its members’ works, as well as the relevant fee, to collect the fee and distribute among its members the collected amounts,
  • To proceed to any necessary actions for the legal protection of its members or their licensees and seek the prohibition of actions that infringe right in regard to the assigned powers,
  • To proceed in cooperation with public authorities to the necessary inspections in venues selling, renting or lending copies or of public performance of the protected works in order to verify whether these actions infringe its members’ rights,
  • To represent in Cyprus bilaterally, foreign organizations or associations of administration or protection or administration and protection of foreign phonogram or videogram producers and to exercise in Cyprus on behalf of its members the same rights,
  • To exercise, following a relevant mandate and authorization, the same powers that exercises for its members on behalf of other administrating organizations that have been established according to the provisions of Law 59/1976,
  • To administer on behalf of its members in the territory of Cyprus the rights of reproduction, radio and tv transmission, communication to the public, cable retransmission and satellite transmission, to grant the above licenses and to collect the relevant remuneration (art. 9 L. 59/1976 of Intellectual Property Law).

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