1. Any dispute arising among GRAMMO and its members or/and its beneficiaries, or/and the organizations with which is connected with reciprocal agreements, and also among members or/and beneficiaries, or/and organizations with which is related with reciprocal agreements may pose reason for complaint before it.
  2. Object of the complaint may be any issue referring to Chapter B’ of the statute especially with respect to the assignment agreement with authorization granting and its termination, or its revoking or the renouncement of rights, the membership conditions, the collection of amounts owed to the rightholders, the fees and the distributions.
  3. The complaint is submitted to GRAMMO in writing in any way the complainant regards suitable, including electronic correspondence (e-mail). GRAMMO informs the complainant on receiving the complaint immediately or, the latest, within three (3) working days of the submission.
  4. The dispute is resolved by a 4-member committee. This committee is composed by the Management Consultant acting as Chairman/Chairwoman and with the Legal Counsel, the Financial Manager and the Operations Manager acting as members. The committee responds in writing and justified the latest on the twelfth working day from the day of submission, after hearing the complainant. If further factual data are required, GRAMMO seeks them by the complainant within the above mentioned deadline. In this case, the committee responds in writing and justified the latest on the seventh working day from the receipt of the required data. In case of a tie, the vote of the Chairman/Chairwoman prevails.

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