It is not only obvious but also scientifically proven, that the use of recorded music in public venues, even in those where the use of music is not imperative for their operation, adds value to the offered services and is appreciated by both their clients and employees.

It is only fair that businesses where music is used, show their appreciation to the various music rightsholders.

GRAMMO’s tariff, considering the use of music and also parameters like the type of business, the usable areas surface, the per year number of months of operation, provides the owed fees for all kinds of businesses that use music and cover an extensive range of commercial activities, such as:



Radio and Television Stations

(terrestrial, satellite, cable)

Eating Establishments

(restaurants, cafés, taverns, fast food restaurants)

Entertainment Venues

(bars, clubs)


Commercial Stores

(retail stores, supermarkets, malls)

Hospitality Services

(hotels, hostels, rooms for rent)

and their common areas

(lobby, bars, restaurants)

Sports and Body Wellness Venues

(gyms, spa, courts and stadiums, beauty parlors)

Recreation Venues

(cinemas, theaters, playgrounds, casinos, water parks, event venues)

Health Services

(practicioners’ offices, clinics)

Stations & Public Transportations

(airports, railway stations, airplanes)

Non-commercial Business Venues

(offices, factories)

Call Centers
Internet Transmission

(internet sites, simulcasting, webcasting)


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